Pioneer of advanced surface treatment equipment - sand blasting machine

2018-08-30 18:06:15 Stelle Group

the pioneer of advanced surface treatment equipment - sand blasting machine 

If the sand blasting machine is divided according to their designs and types, they can be divided into two categories, the dry blasting machine and wet blasting machine. If it is divided by their working principle, it can be divided into a suction type blasting machine and a press-in type blasting machine. If it is divided by their operation system, it can be divided into manual sand blasting machine and automatic sand blasting machine.

In recent years, international requirements for environmental protection have become much more higher than before and the original surface treatment processes have been eliminated. With more and more awareness of the importance of sandblasting machines, sandblasting machines have become the most commonly used modern surface treatment solution. 

In fact, You can never go too far to say that the sand blasting machine is the leader of the surface treatment industry. The application range of the sand blasting machine is very large, which can be involved in almost all walks of life. As long as the product needs to be surface treated, the blasting machine is correct. Choose, if your product needs electroplating, painting, zinc anti-corrosion treatment, etc., you can use a sand blasting machine to clean the surface of the product, then increase the adhesion, increase the anti-corrosion period, and then zero on the recycled cars, motorcycles, and electromechanical equipment. Parts can also be refurbished and cleaned by sand blasting machine to eliminate fatigue stress and prolong service life. There are also some such as mold surface cleaning residue, tombstone stone lettering, aluminum extrusion, bakelite, stamping deburring, mobile phone, computer case for matte effect. Wait, all are applicable

With the rapid development of industry, the application of sand blasting machine is more and more extensive, and the manufacturers of sand blasting machines are also rising. Whether it is the manufacturer or the distributors everywhere, everyone is boasting the characteristics of their sand blasting machine. Advantages, all kinds of sand blasting machines, customers have no way to start, do not know which brand of sand blasting machine should be purchased. I personally think that the purchase of equipment should be cautious, can not be cheap, should choose high-end sandblasting machine, cost-effective. According to the size and size of the product, the production efficiency, sandblasting effect to choose whether you want to buy a general pressure sandblasting machine or a high-pressure sandblasting machine, or a sandblasting room, for example, such as hardware tools, hardware tools They are small pieces such as vise, scissors, wrenches, etc. According to the size of the product, we can choose STR-6050 or STR-9060 box type general pressure sand blasting machine, because the blasting machine is a manual blasting machine, if If the processing output can't keep up, you can choose a crawler type automatic sand blasting machine, which can put 200-300 kg products in one time, set the time, save time and effort, easy to operate, no professional operation. Personnel is a sand blasting machine with very high cost performance. Another example is a large-scale workpiece, such as ship rust and anti-corrosion, general large-scale products, if sandblasting in the factory, it is necessary to build a sandblasting room, otherwise the environmental protection requirements are not up to standard, and some are after the ship has been in the sea for several months. Directly repairing the beach, there is no way to build a sandblasting room. In this case, it is recommended to use the STR-630Y mobile open sand blasting machine to deal with it. However, at this stage, the international community generally pays attention to environmental protection, then you can choose another one. The sand blasting machine is our company's main product, automatic recycling sand blasting machine, also known as dust-free blasting machine or environmentally friendly blasting machine. The blasting machine is characterized by no dust, zero discharge, no at all. It will cause environmental pollution, automatic recycling of sand materials, no manpower, and is well received by customers. It can be widely used in ships, bridges, water conservancy projects, mining, petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking, port construction, aircraft and vehicle manufacturing. Advanced processing of workpieces and high efficiency of environmentally friendly sandblasting. It can thoroughly handle the surface rust of various locomotive frames and other small and medium-sized accessories, poison the old paint film, oxide scale and other materials, and at the same time obtain the roughness required for the surface. It lays the best foundation for post-painting treatment. The environmental sandblasting mode has various forms such as inner angle, outer angle, plane, and arc brush, and can adapt to workpieces of various structural forms. Of course, if some customer artifacts are special, you can also call us directly.

After selecting the sand blasting machine, the key is to choose the sand blasting medium, which is the sand material we often say. If the sand material is not selected, then the high-grade sand blasting machine can't spray the water you want. The effect, so the choice of sand is very critical. Under normal circumstances, products like copper or stainless steel can choose glass beads (spherical sand material), the surface can achieve matte effect; carbon steel, cast iron products, we can choose emery, diamond-shaped sand (such as: quartz sand, brown corundum , steel grit, steel shot, steel wire cut, etc.); there are some special sand materials such as nylon sand, zircon sand, aluminum sand, resin sand, walnut sand, etc., if it is not sure, you can bring some sand And the products come to our company proofing test machine, our company can test the prototype for new and old customers for free.

After determining the sandblasting abrasive, there are two factors that will affect the sandblasting effect. One is the size of the sandblasting pressure, and the other is the change of the distance and angle of the spray gun; in general, the same abrasive, the distance of the spray gun and After the angle is fixed, the higher the pressure, the faster the jet flow rate, the higher the blasting efficiency, the rougher the surface of the processed product, and vice versa, the surface of the product will be relatively smooth; if the same abrasive is set at a fixed pressure value The farther the spray gun is from the workpiece, the lower the efficiency of the jet flow, and the smoother the surface of the workpiece; the smaller the angle between the spray gun and the workpiece, the smoother the surface of the workpiece; this is the key to manual sand blasting technology. When using the equipment, the sandblasting machine needs to adjust different pressures and different angles to experiment until the requirements of the product process are reached. Generally, the spray gun is 50-150mm away from the workpiece for a normal distance.