2018-08-01 22:46:57 Stelle Group


Automobile decorative strip automatic sand blasting machine 

1. The sand blasting machine is an automatic sand blasting machine with a rear triangular decorative strip.

2. The sand material recovery of the machine is a wind recovery method, which is formed by two-stage filtration of a cyclone separator and a filter cartridge dust collector. 3. The sand blasting machine is a sub-mode for the workpiece fixture, the cavity bread is processed, the upper mold is a pneumatic lifting method, the processing shop of the lower mold has a sandblasting hole, and the nylon hole is protected according to the size of the sandblasting processing. bushing.

4. The sand blasting nozzle is placed in the blasting silo body, the bracket is fixed on the mobile blasting tooling and the platform, and the number of blasting nozzles is X-Z moving.

5. The moving mechanism of the sandblasting nozzle group is driven by two servo motors with a stroke of 30mm. The stroke of the sandblasting machine can be adjusted. A rubber protective cover is arranged at the intersection of the driving arm and the box.

6. The working door in front of the working chamber of the sand blasting machine is pneumatically pneumatically opened and closed manually.

7. The working body of the whole machine is made of 3mm cold plate, lined with 3mm rubber plate, coated with epoxy zinc-rich primer 100um, top coat 100um.

8. The dust box is equipped with 4 filter cartridges, 9-19 high pressure fans, and pulse backflush.

9. The whole machine control of the sand blasting machine is controlled by PLC to meet the stability of the equipment.