2018-08-01 22:45:04 Stelle Group

Vacuum, or dust free blasting is ideal for spot repairs, and has high demand on the environment which should be dust free and abrasive pollution is prohibited.

The blasting process is happened in a sealed chamber by the brush head, curve or flat. Dust and abrasives are immediately vacuumed by a powerful suction fan. The used abrasives are recycled to the separator and silo, the dust is collector by the cartridge filter. TS machinery vacuum blasting is a safe blasting solution for confined or critical areas (with a lower working speed compared to“open” blasting).

Benefits if using TS vacuum blasting,

 ● 100% dust free operation because of fully automated vacuum start/stop sequence

 ● Clean, abrasive free surface after blasting

 ● Automatic filter cleaning system

 ● Easy disposal of collected dust in a plastic bag

 ● Unit can be movable easily

 ● Wide range of brushes to fit all (flat, cornered, radius) surfaces

This environment-friendly sandblasting machine can perform blasting and vacuuming at the same time, effectively eliminating dust clouds and costly cleanup.  This sandblasting machine is ideal for working in areas where traditional open blasting is prohibited.


Environment-friendly recycling sandblasting machine can perform the jobs of sandblasting, recycling, recycling, separation and dust removal. It can be a new generation of environment-friendly sandblasting equipment which eliminates the problem of pollution caused by abrasives material. It is an innovation-type of green sandblasting equipment designed by our company for heavy sandblasting work which requires multi-purpose, large working radius and high efficiency.

The working environment is clean and free of pollution, which can reach the air dust hygiene standard of “GB103328-10333-89” in workplace. The sand and dust are automatically recovered, separated and recycled, and the workplace is clean and free of dust pollution. With the theory of protecting the environment, the design of this equipment can greatly improve the labor efficiency of the workers and the working environment.

Equipped with a back blowing device, the machine can automatically remove filter and dust. With a built-in water filter, oil & water of the compressed air can be separated for the second time. Automatic feeding system put the sand suction head into the sand. Only by simply starting the vacuum pump system will let the machine automatically feed itself. PLC programmable control and material level alarm function are all optional. The machine also equipped with the pressure regulator, back blow button. Stable air control device and abrasive valve. The working radius is 20-70 meters and the level of surface treatment reaches Sa2.5-3.