Why to choose the dustless blasting machine?

2019-11-13 13:57:45 Stelle Group

Nowadays, we are vigorously promoting environmental protection, and as a sandblasting industry, we are more committed to the environment, and we are striving to contribute to a beautiful working and living environment. The environmental sandblasting machine is the most environmentally friendly sandblasting equipment. Let's talk about the five main points of choosing an environmentally friendly sand blasting machine:

1, the choice of sandblasting effect:

In general, the blasting effect is determined by the sneezing medium, ranging from a strong metal abrasive to a soft resin abrasive. Colleagues dry spray or wet spray are also important considerations. Customers can provide sample determination.

2, production efficiency to determine the type of equipment:

According to the processing capacity, we choose automatic blasting production line, semi-automatic blasting equipment, press-in blasting machine and suction blasting machine.

3, the workpiece size to determine the equipment specifications:

Select the size of the nacelle according to the size of the workpiece so that there is enough room to complete the processing.

4, compressed air requirements:

Determine the air compressor capacity according to the equipment specifications and leave a 20% margin to protect the air compressor life.

5. The environmental protection type sand blasting machine integrates sand blasting, recycling, recycling, separation and dust removal in one, no pollution, suitable for occasions with high requirements on working environment and no dust removal equipment.

Environmental blasting machine features:

1 . Greatly improved dust pollution to the environment and the health of workers.

2 . It can be installed directly on the production line, saving production area and facilitating workpiece turnover.

3 . The working method is flexible, the process parameters are variable, and it can adapt to the processing requirements of different materials and different precision parts.

4 . During the working process, the abrasive is recycled and consumed.

5 . The main components have a long service life and are easy to repair.